Shadow of the Dragon - Dragon's Prey
Book 4 in the Shadow of the Dragon series
Ellora's Cave
Genre: Shape-shifter/Fantasy
ISBN # (E) 9781419909399
(P) 9781419959042
Book Length: Plus Novel
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Captured and put into slavery, it should be a simple thing for Kayla to escape, if only her dragon would cooperate. But the blasted beast-bored with the males at home-sees Kayla's captivity as the perfect opportunity to find her mate.

When her dragon finds the man for Kayla, he's all wrong. He's too strong, too aggressive and way too grouchy. He's the perfect mercenary but he'll make a rotten husband. Unfortunately, her body-and her dragon-don't care about any of that and while she wants to hate Captain Sixx, she finds herself unable to resist him.

For Sixx, getting the pretty little slave as a gift is more irritation than pleasure. What's he supposed to do with her? He's got enough troubles-including a curse and a snotty young warrior preparing to challenge him-now he's got her to deal with. Of course, having Kayla chained up in his bedchamber does have its benefits.

So now Kayla just has to figure out how to get home, keep Sixx safe from her father's wrath, oh, and tell her lover she's part dragon.

Kayla crouched on one knee in the corner, staring at the twisted body of the most recent man sent to "tame" her. He groaned and rolled over, crawling toward the door.

"Well?" Iniz, the slave master, demanded from the hall.

"She just about killed me. There's something not right with that girl. I'm not going near her again. I want my money back."

She felt her lip curl in disgust. The slave master had taken to selling the rights to rape her. So far, none had succeeded. Her dragon's strength had saved her but she didn't know how many more she could fight.

The sound of coins changing hands rattled outside the door. Seconds later, Iniz strode into the filthy room she'd been locked in.

"That's it, you'll not eat for two days."

She shrugged. He'd tried everything to control her and she'd defied him at each attempt.

Instead, she raised her head and stared at him, letting the dragon's anger pour through her eyes.

"Let me go and I can almost promise my family won't rip you into tiny pieces when they come for you."

The edges of his mouth turned white. When she'd first been brought in, he'd mocked her threats. Now weeks later, she decided he was starting to believe her.

"Masslon!" he bellowed. A young man, slave collar welded around his throat, hurried into the room. "Harvet is coming through tomorrow." Iniz lifted his chin toward Kayla. "She'll be in the group that leaves with him." He smirked when he looked back at her. "Harvet works for the most brutal killer in the land." He smiled and Kayla felt an unwanted shiver run down her back. "You'll wish you'd been nicer to my friends."

He stepped outside, closing the door and leaving Kayla in the dark. It didn't bother her. The dragon's senses allowed her to see with very little light. A thick chain held her to the ground, giving her only a few links of freedom. She tugged on the chain, willing the dragon's strength into her body-but to no effect. She growled into the musty silence.

Zayn was no help.

Until the bedamned beast got what it wanted, Kayla had no choice but to follow where her dragon led.

"Dragon's Prey is book four in the Shadow of the Dragon series, but can be read as a stand alone. Fluidly written, it features a remarkable heroine who is able to kick ass, quite literally, even as a slave.Sixx and Kayla together are hot enough to set the pages on fire, and even though their relationship is that of a master and a slave, there is tenderness and equality between them.The secondary characters, especially Kayla's father - the hero of book one - are intriguing enough to warrant reading the previous installments in the series."

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"As usual, Tielle St. Clare has created a captivating tale of dragons and their mates. As the fourth in the Shadow of the Dragon series, Dragon's Prey tells the tale of Kayla, her stubborn dragon and the man they both want. By turns funny and sizzling hot, we get to watch as they make several discoveries in their journey of love. Ms. St. Clare seamlessly integrates Zayn, Kayla's dragon, into the growing relationship between Kayla and Sixx, making for a relationship that everyone dreams of."

Fallen Angel Reviews

"DRAGON'S PREY is a blast to read and I only hope there are more dragons looking for their mate at this very moment. Stop by Ellora's Cave and get your copy of DRAGON'S PREY today, and hey, you might want to pick up the rest of the series if you haven't read them yet. I know I plan to."

RRT Erotic

"I have been on pins and needles waiting on Kayla's story ever since reading the first three Shadow of the Dragon books. Instantly hooked to this wonderful family, I hoped that Kayla would find her mate. I was not disappointed at all with Dragon's Prey. Sixx could not have been better suited to be the man for Kayla, much less Zayn. I loved how he treated Kayla with respect and his love for her shined through. Kayla's heartfelt wish to be able to shift to Zayn was written in such a way that I kept crossing my fingers for it to happen.

I absorbed this story completely and can't wait to read it again. Tielle St. Clare has a keeper in Dragon's Prey and I offer congratulations on a story well told."

Joyfully Reviewed

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